Big Birthday

birthday_cake_bokeh_zenat_el3ainSo, I’m one day past a big milestone birthday – the big 60. Some people approach that milestone with a certain sadness because they are looking back at what has been, possibly thinking about the things they wanted to accomplish.

Not me. I’m excited about the future. It’s true that there are a lot of items still on my bucket list, but the items that never made that list in the first place, are the things in my life that make me happiest, my two daughters, well educated, well-married and now with their own little ones to shepherd thru the world, my lovely wife who has shared her life with me for more than half of my 60 years.

My musical mind is still sharp. You who have seen me recently know that I’m troubled with a hand tremor. Initially I thought the diagnosis of “essential hand tremor” meant the end for my career as an indie jazz musician. But in the past 6 months I’ve released three new CD’s, Groove Manifesto, Lethal and Midnight Blue.

Check them out below.

All really quality stuff.

While I’m not flying up and down the keys now, I’m writing some sophisticated melodies and inventive backing tracks. And, I still have so many more musical ideas that are waiting to be born.

I say – “so what” to the big 60. Bring on the next 60!